By rejecting consumerism and investing wisely, we can all maximize our time doing what we want to enjoy life.
An informal, convenient, and simple approach to investment advice can create a more welcoming atmosphere to learn about and improve your financial situation. As a fiduciary investment advisor, Diogenes Financial owes clients a fiduciary duty to put the client’s interest first which includes, but is not limited to, a duty of care, loyalty, obedience, and utmost good faith.
DF is happy to accommodate differing needs from clients. Some people want to learn and understand the entire process; great, financial education can help you out and we’re happy to teach! Some people want someone else to take care of everything and don’t need to hear or know about anything financial; awesome, there are way better things to do with your short time on this planet!
DF exists because of countless stories from friends who have delayed financial planning simply to avoid the soul-draining experience of sitting in a bank for a meeting with a salesman trying to take a cut of your money. We hope to make it a more convenient and enjoyable experience.
The financial world has terrible hours and flexibility in scheduling. You probably work during business hours, and wasting a precious day off to spend talking about finances will never be appealing. DF is flexible enough to work around your schedule. A few 15 minute chats and emails can get everything done.
If you need financial help, we hope to provide affordable services for everyone. If you are unable to meet the relatively low rates, we are happy to work out another form of payment, like community service or a promise to boycott irresponsible practices. Send us a message on the contact page!