One of the most powerful modern pathways for global change is currently not well-known. Shareholders’ voting rights are appropriated by major fund managers and often used to vote against the values of most shareholders. We encourage all clients to vote their shares at an annual shareholders meeting, or more likely, via proxy online. Your political vote may not carry much weight, but the votes of shareholders control corporate actions. Collectively, regular people’s shares can change the corporate landscape.
Diogenes Financial encourages clients to take an active role as a shareholder by voting and submitting shareholder proposals to companies they own.
Proxy Voting Criteria

DF will vote as a fiduciary in Clients’ best financial interests within limits imposed by voting according to Clients’ values. In general, this means in favor of more rights and control to shareholders and employees, less unchecked power and control for boards and officers, and less harm to all stakeholders. DF aims to vote against excessive executive compensation packages, vote against board members who do not represent the best interest of shareholders and stakeholders, and vote to support well-crafted initiatives in favor of renewable energy, environmental protection, diversity, workers’ rights and board representation, equality, an independent chairman, transparency, lobbying disclosure requirements, or enhancing shareholder power. In general, we believe almost everyone on earth supports and will benefit from a cleaner society with more individual rights relative to corporate rights.

DF will attempt to identify any event when there is a conflict of interest between the best voting for DF and the best voting for the Client’s interest. DF will vote as per the Client’s interest in these instances.